We Always Have Time....Until We Don’t

I worked with an online client on and off for years. Let’s call her Sarah.

Sarah was very overweight and out of shape when she came to me, and over the course of a year, lost a lot of weight, made incredible progress with her strength and endurance, and had more confidence in her 50s than she ever did in her 30s and 40s.

But life happened and she got off track.

She gained all of the weight back and ended up feeling worse about herself than ever before. She tried on and off to get back on the wagon but ultimately settled on just taking some time to do things on her own.

But here’s the deal.

Sarah is now in her late 50s, more than 50 pounds overweight, and a new grandmother.

She had time to fluctuate and be hit or miss with her health efforts.

We all do when we are younger.

But now that she’s over 55, she’s playing a game with her life.

There is no more time to wait, to try to do it on her own, to be half-committed.

It’s not a confidence issue anymore – it’s life or death.

But Sarah just can’t see it that way because she’s used to having time.

I’m sharing this story with you today because it’s a VERY common one.

We remember how things were and don’t realize our bodies are no longer capable of handling what they once did.

If you resonate with Sarah’s story at all or you know someone who might, please hit me up at or forward this link to your friend or loved one.

Here at Ohio Fitness Lab, I truly believe we have the ability not only to greatly improve lives but to save them as well.

We’re here for you and anyone you love.

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